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Our mission is to provide support for the Homer Public Library programs and services,

to raise funds that enrich the library experience, and to promote the use and enjoyment of the library.

Libraries Are For Everyone. Libraries Are Forever.


Leave a legacy to sustain lifelong learning at the Homer Public Library.

You do not need to be wealthy to leave a legacy in our community. Join your friends and neighbors in supporting the Friends of the Homer Public Library (FHL) with a planned gift. Planned gifts often come with significant tax benefits, and enable donors to leave charitable legacies in their communities while meeting their financial needs.

What is YOUR legacy?

Bequests:  One of the easiest ways to leave a legacy is by simply naming the Friends of the Homer Public Library in your will or living trust. A bequest may be for a particular dollar amount or percentage of your estate, real property or other specific asset.

Life Insurance Policy and Retirement Plans:  Often overlooked by donors, you can name Friends of the Homer Public Library as the beneficiary or partial beneficiary of these types of assets.

Appreciated Assets:  Donating stocks, bonds, real estate or other appreciated assets can provide tax benefits as well.

Life Income Gifts:  Life income gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities allow you to leave a gift in the care of the Friends of the Homer Public Library while earning income for yourself during your lifetime.

We encourage you to consult with your financial advisor to discuss tax implications for these options.

Planned gifts may be made directly to the Friends of the Homer Public Library, or to the Friends of the Homer Public Library Endowment Fund at the Homer Foundation. Your gift will ensure support for the programs, events and services that enrich the library experience and promote lifelong learning for future generations.

To support core services and operations of the Homer Public Library gifts can be made directly to the Homer Public Library or to their endowment, the Homer Library Fund, at the Homer Foundation.

For more information please contact

Joy Steward, FHL board member at (907) 299-9902


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Marylou & Richard Burton

My husband Richard and I are in our mid-seventies and do not have children.  We have adequate retirement savings, and our plan, loosely, is to live until 100 or so and thoroughly exhaust every penny.  But a couple of years ago, we got to thinking that just in case things didn’t happen as planned, it would be nice to direct whatever is left to people or organizations that are important to us.  We are great supporters of the Homer Foundation mission, and we are also supporters of specific Homer non-profits that would benefit from a direct, non-restricted donation.  In the end, we constructed our wills so that a certain percentage goes to the HF, with the remainder split among various non-profits - one of which is the Friends of the Homer Public Library.

We moved to Homer in 2004, and the library - and FHL - have been a vital part of my life ever since.  As a volunteer and board member, I have helped develop the FHL into the organization it is today, and am confident that our contribution will go toward programs and services that are not only valuable but essential to the Homer community.

Bear in mind - I am still planning for that 100th birthday.  But just in case, I feel better knowing anything left in the kitty will go to a good cause.




Friends of the Homer Library is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 community organization.


500 Hazel Avenue • Homer AK  99603
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